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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Access The Services Offered By The BDC?

Though the BDC focuses primarily on micro, small and medium sized enterprises, any business operating throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique can access the services of the BDC.

What Training Workshops Are Available?

Our Training Schedule provides a list of all the training workshops to be undertaken during the year.

How can I access the BDC’s training?

Call the office or click on our Training Schedule and register now. If there is a particular training that you are interested in that is not on the list then click here

What Factors Should I Take Into Consideration In Determining A Location For My Business?
How do I know if I am an entrepreneur
Can The BDC Assist Me In Identifying Problems For My Business?

The BDC assist all businesses in identifying problems in their business by completing a business diagnostics or operational audit.

How Can I Access The Services Offered?
Where Can I Source Funding For My Business?

You can source funding from various financial institutions and grant agencies. For further information, please chat with one of our officers in our chat room

What Factors Must I Take Into Consideration In Starting A Business?

Coming Soon

What Is The Purpose Of Writing A Business Plan?
Do You Have A Business Plan Guide That I Can Follow?

Coming Soon

Who Should Write A Business Plan?

From Idea to Planning: Developing your Business Plan

How Do I Set Up And Register A Small Business?

By considering all factors you need to consider in starting a business and by submitting information to the BDC so that the necessary forms can be prepared to have the name registered at the office of Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property

Does The GIDC Provide Loans?

No the GIDC does not provide loans but the GIDC can advice you as to the different institutions that provide financing.

What kind of business should I register?
What Is A Business Plan?

A Business Plan is a tool that can satisfy three basic purposes: communication, management and planning. As a communication tool it is used to attract investment capital, secure loans and attract strategic business partners. As a management tool, the business plan helps the business to track, monitor and evaluate progress as well as gauge the progress of the business and compare projections to actual accomplishments. As a planning tool, it guides the business principals through various phases of the business. A thoughtful plan will help identify roadblocks and obstacles so that you can avoid them and establish alternatives. As such, the plan should be modified every six (6) months to a year.

Can I Start/Grow My Business Without A Loan?

Yes you can start your business with your own funds (equity financing) or grant funds. Please ensure that you consider starting or growing your business in phases or starting small if funding does not allow you to start or expand your business on a scale that you would most desire initially

Do I Have To Pay For The Services?

Some of the services offered by the BDC are free others are at subsidized cost

How Do I Identify A Business Idea?
How Do I Get Assistance For A Service Not Offered By The BDC?

If there is a service that you require but do not know who offers it then talk to one of our officers on our live chat room and they will assist you.